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Download Resurrection Sunday 2016.mp3


Download 03-20-2016_The Purchase of the Body of Christ.mp3


Download 03-13-2016_The Breaking and the Making of a Prophet.mp3


Download 03-06-2016_The Creation of the Body of Christ.mp3


Download 02-21-2016_Blessed.mp3


Download 02-14-2016_Let It Go.mp3


Download 02-07-2016_Transformation.mp3


Download 01-31-2016_Determined.mp3


Download 01-24-2016_Take a Risk (Vision Map Part 4).mp3


Download 01-17-2016_Trust and Conquer (Vision Map Part 3).mp3


Download 01-10-2016:Get Clear About the Vision (Vision Map Part 2).mp3


Download 01-04-2016:A Look Ahead (Vision Map Part 1).mp3


Download 12-06-2015:Jesus Is Coming.mp3


Download 11-22-2015:Being Thankful (Part 3).mp3


Download 11-15-2015:Being Thankful (Part 2).mp3


Download 11-08-2015:Being Thankful.mp3


Download 10-25-2015: Sundays Can Change Your Life.mp3


Download 10-18-2015: Sundays Can Change Your Eternity.mp3


Download 10-11-2015: Better Sundays Make Better Families.mp3


Download 10-04-2015: Good Sundays Make Better Mondays (Truncated From Recording Error).mp3


Download 09-27-2015: Sundays Can Surprise You.mp3


Download 09-20-2015: The Church Is.mp3


Download 09-13-2015: I Press On.mp3


Download 08-16-2015: Eternal View.mp3


Download 08-09-2015: The Message of Grace.mp3


Download 08-02-2015: Behind the Scenes (Part 2).mp3


Download 07-26-2015: Behind the Scenes (Part 1).mp3


Download 07-19-2015: Peter's Miraculous Escape.mp3


Download 07-12-2015: The Continued Growth of the Church.mp3


Download 06-28-2015: We Are In.mp3


Download 06-21-2015: Too Hot to Handle.mp3


Download 06-14-2015: The Barnabas Factor.mp3


Download 06-07-2015: The Significance of Nobody.mp3


Download 05-31-2015: Undeniable - What Even Skeptics Think.mp3


Download 05-24-2015: The Dragon Dilemma.mp3


Download 05-17-2015: The Pebble Plan.mp3


Download 05-03-2015: Taking a Stand.mp3


Download 04-26-2015: The Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 2).mp3


Download 04-19-2015: The Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 1).mp3


Download 04-12-2015: The Reality of the Resurrection.mp3


Download 04-05-2015: The Grave Robber.mp3


Download 03-29-2015: Palm Sunday.mp3


Download 03-22-2015: Do What It Says (Part 2).mp3


Download 03-15-2015: Do What It Says (Part 2).mp3


Download 03-01-2015: Do What It Says (Part 1).mp3


Download 02-22-2015: It's All Good (Because God is Good).mp3


Download 02-15-2015: It's All Good (Part 1).mp3


Download 02-01-2015: Rock Solid.mp3


Download 01-11-2015: Chosen.mp3


Download 12-28-2014: Determined.mp3


Download 12-21-2014: Christmas, Take It In.mp3


Download 12-14-2014: The Power of Jesus.mp3


Download 12-07-2014: Come Follow Me.mp3


Download 11-30-2014: Justice.mp3